Club Lycoris

Together, until we part.

A FFXIV venue with hosts to
satisfy your curiosity. 😉

Ward 16 Plot 7, Lavender Beds @ Kujata


Friday 9pm – 12am (GMT+8)

Saturday 9pm – 12am (GMT+8)


Kim Lucious


He is a man with a willingness to serve, yet a servant without a master is but coffee without creamer. Some like it black as it is but Kim prefers it sweet. Will you be the creamer to his coffee?

Book Kim Lucious

Tatara Komugi


A man with a gentle smile, Tatara is more akin a dog than a cat. Still, both are beasts of their own nature. Will you be the one to uncover this hidden beast?

Book Tatara Komugi

Valruna Thyrl


Hair as white as snow, and eyes sharp as daggers, Valruna may look like an ice queen. But beneath the cold demeanour hides a character worth melting for. Will you be the one to unveil it?

Book Valruna Thyrl

Dolphin Dolphin


Judge not a man by his cover, for Dolphin's size speaks naught of his character. Bright and jovial, he is capable of putting you in stitches. Would you join him to find out which type?

Book Dolphin Dolphin

Mavis Smoothie


Joyful and sophisticated, blue hair Mav was born under the pristine waves of the Ruby Sea of the Far East. Her master-crafted drinks are hard to resist. Would you join her company?

Book Mavis Smoothie

Wrihnn Tia


Wrihnn's beauty shines like a garden of roses. Her beauty is matched only by the tenderness of her words. Will you let her tempt you?

Book Wrihnn Tia


  • Payments are to be made upfront at reception.
  • Initial bookings are capped at 30mins, but can be extended at the end if there is availability.
  • We would prefer it if clients made bookings directly
  • Our hosts reserve the right to not host if they feel uncomfortable.


Short Escape

15 min|50,000 gil

A short session for you to get to know our hosts before you commit to a deeper conversation.

Heart 2 HeartPOPULAR

30 min|100,000 gil

The recommended slot to get to know each other with a little time left for activities.

Something Extra

Gpose Repose|50,000 gil

Want to immortalize the wonderful moments you've had with our hosts? Our 'Gpose Repose' add-on will give you three professionally Gpose photos shot by one of our specialists.


Alcoholic Drinks

  • Frozen Spirits5000 gil
  • Spiced Cider5000 gil
  • Craftman's Syrup5000 gil
  • Whiskey on the RockDistilling...

Non-alcoholic Drinks

  • Apple Juice5000 gil
  • Buckwheat Tea5000 gil
  • Chamomile Tea5000 gil
  • EspressoBrewing...


  • Be respectful to staff and other guests
  • Dismiss minions (when indoors)
  • Dismiss emote log (when indoors)
  • Shout/Yell chat are reserved for staff use
  • Hide weapons (when indoors)
  • No ERP (Sorry, our hosts are shy!)
  • Looking for Meld (LFM) and Looking for Party (LFP) statuses are reserved for staff use